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Outsource solutions is the answer to your design and development requirements for all applications based on Microsoft Architectures. 
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Outsource Call Center 

Our state of the art call centre can mange thousands of calls on daily basis.

We are currently offering the following services to our clients in UK, Europe and USA

outsource Telecalling for lead generation Telecalling for lead generation
outsource appointment generation Appointment generation
outsource market research Market research
outsource data validation Data Validation
outsource order taking hotline Order taking hotline
outsource customer service hotline Customer service hotline
outsource lead verification services Lead Verification services
outsource reception services Reception Services
outsource secretarial reminder services Secretarial / Reminder Services
outsource RSVP for invitee lists RSVP for invitee lists




We have worked with outsource solutions on a number of projects and have been impressed with their ability to hit tight deadlines without compromising on the quality of the end product  
Mrs. Jane Andrews (ecpartner.co.uk)
Do You Know?
Outsource may fail
Many outsource projects fail, for reasons which in hind sight are perfectly clear. We believe that at outsource solutions we have the infrastructure and process to ensure that this does not happen to you.
Past experience has taught us how to avoid many of the pit falls traditionally associated with out sourcing software development to cheaper offshore centers.
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